Thursday, January 29, 2009


Perry and I just got back from a cruise. It was alot of fun. We had a hard time leaving Logan, because I've never been away from her for more than a few hours. Although we knew she was in good hands with Perry's sisters Chelsey and Brittani. I'm sure she loved all the attention. Anyway, it was a nice to be able to spend time with Perry. We had a good time. Below are some random pictures.
Waiting to go Our ship-the Costa Fortuna (It was an Italian ship)

Here we are at dinner with the other two couples we were seated with. They were both so nice. The couple on the right is from Lebanon (now living in Canada) and the couple on the left is from Honduras (now living in Florida). We had fun talking with them every night and went to some of the shows with them.
Here I am enjoying one of my all time favorite desserts raspberry cheesecake. Yeah-I pretty much had it every night for dessert along with 1 or 2 others. Formal night-they had two formal nights- some people go all decked out like its prom-its kind of funny.
How low can you go? Here is Perry doing the limbo. He actually did pretty well. They had two guys doing a contest to see who could finish their ice sculptor the fastest. After 10 minutes of chipping away it looked like this: a beautiful swan


In San Juan we walked up the streets and went shopping. After shopping we went to a spanish guitar/dancers show. Our San Juan stop was in the evening. I wish our stop would have been during the day because we didn't get to see a whole lot before it got dark. Perry-thrilled to be shopping.

Spanish guitar show. The guy that played was awesome. While he played there were three girls that danced. This picture didn't turn out very well.


St Thomas was probably my favorite stop. Here we went scuba diving. It was awesome.... I was really scared at first because it has been 3 years since I have been. It all came back to me pretty easy though and once I was under the water I relaxed and just had a good time looking at all the fish and coral. It was amazing. When we showed up at the dive shop one of the other guys we were diving with had a U of U hat on. Come to find out everyone we happened to be diving with was from Utah. All from 3 different boats. How random is that? Anyway, we had a blast.

Here we are on the dive boat.

Perry-ready to dive Ready or not-here we go!

Here Perry is holding a jelly fish. Our dive-master saw it and picked it up-apparently he knows which ones are safe to hold. We saw 2 sea turtles. It made my day because more than anything I wanted to see a sea turtle. This one even let me touch his back. In this picture he blends in-but he is right smack in the middle of the pic. Pretty fish
After scuba diving we went snorkeling at Coki Beach. The snorkeling was awesome. All in all we had a great day.


At the Dominican republic we went to Bayahibe Beach for the day. We were surprised as there weren't very many people who spoke english at all. We ate at a bar and grill on the beach and nobody spoke english in the whole restaurant. The menu was in spanish and prices were in pesos. It was actually a little bit frustrating-needless to say my spanish classes I took in high school didn't work very well for me. Bayahibe Beach-beautiful beach but extremely crowded. We also weren't prepared for the topless old ladies running around-yikes! At least there weren't too many of them.

A little boy cut this coconut so I could drink it and gave it to me for free- but wanted me to go inside his fathers store to see what I wanted to buy. (There is always some catch to everything that is free)


Here we went shopping in the morning and then caught a water taxi to the 500 million dollar Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. Atlantis was huge- you could seriously get lost there. It is so pretty with tons of pools and water slides-but also costs a pretty penny to stay there around 300 or more a night I think. At atlantis we walked around the resort and saw their aquarium. (one of the largest in the world) You can see part of Atlantis in the background of this picture.

Perry posing with a very ugly fish After seeing Atlantis we went and played at cabbage beach. (I made Perry walk a mile on the beach to what was called snorkel point-I don't know why they named it that because there was no snorkeling just a bunch of moss. At least we had the beach mostly to ourselves. Per showing his muscles

Friday, January 16, 2009

My baby is 1 today!

I think she has changed......Maybe just a little bit.


-She is finally crawling as of two weeks ago. (finally......)

-She absolutely loves food (I've hardly found anything she won't eat)

-She is so giddy when her dad comes home. (she sure loves him)

-When I tell her "no" she giggles and smiles at me

-She is a petite little one weighing in at only 16 lb 7 oz

-She loves baby einstein movies (the little bee is her favorite)

-She loves to clap and wave at everyone

-Loves attention

-She knows the words mama and dadda and who we are-She calls mama in the morning when she is ready to get up

-She loves being around her cousins

-The best is when she is tired and gives me awesome cuddles

-Loves peek a boo
-Loves music and moves to the beat sometimes. also leads music at church

-Loves her tongue (sticking it out etc) always has since she was first born. (I keep thinking she is going to grow out of it but she hasn't yet)
-She is a happy baby and has such a fun personality so far and we are happy she is in our family


Yes-I made her a frog cake. I know I'm silly for liking frogs so much but I think it turned out cute.

Logan was a little too excited to wait to eat her cake (*see hand print below)


She was being dainty and barely picking off the icing at first then suddenly she went hog wild crazy and couldn't put enough in her mouth at one time. She had cake everywhere including her hair and diaper. The cutest thing was when she tried to offer some cake to cousin Asher.


She liked all of her presents and had lots of help opening them from her cousins.

Birthday luvs from cousin Asher. (how sweet is he?)

She loves her firetruck-but I'm sure she will like it even more when she grows a couple inches and can actually push herself around.


Grandma and Grandpa Howell (Logan had to prove to us that she was 1 again-*see finger) Some of my family made a trip here because my brother Bret and his friend Damon wanted to go hunting here in Farmington. (They got skunked- but I was really glad they came up. It was fun to have them here for a couple of days.)

Pappy and Mammy

Papa and Nanny Webb


She could not get enough of the baloons- she loved them!

Monday, January 5, 2009


I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas and New Years. I know that I did. This post is really late-but better late than never right? It is extremely long and there are lots of pictures-sorry but I like pictures.


-Went skiing and tubing.
-My dad got his hip replaced. I'm glad he is feeling better.
-Enjoyed moms great cooking and being together with family.
-Was thrilled to get a treadmill from Perry-no more training in the freezing cold!
-Enjoyed having lunch with my friends-also enjoyed getting together with Perry's old roomies.
-Tried to help Perry shovel the foot and a half of snow that fell on my parent's steep driveway.
-Enjoyed watching Logan experience Christmas for the first time.
-Talked Perry into shopping with me for about 2 hours. (that is a record)
-Played wallyball with the family (apparently I don't know how to hit the ball right because I have two bruised thumbs to show for it)
-Perry had a very ditsy moment as he accidentally took my parent's car keys home to New Mexico and then he mailed them the wrong ones back! Ha- I'm not the only ditsy one in this family!


Perry and I had fun skiing with Bret and Mary at Sundance. It was nice of my mom to watch Logan so we could enjoy the day together as we haven't been skiing in probably two years. It was only about 12 degrees all day but it was still a blast.