Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Easter has now come and gone. I love Easter and the chance to reflect on the atonement and be grateful for everything that Christ has done for me. It is such a wonderful time of year and I love everything from the Easter dresses to the beautiful spring weather.
A couple weeks ago we went to "Meet the funny bunny" downtown where they had different activities for kids and an easter egg hunt. We made it just in time for the egg hunt which Logan loved. Of course I forgot their Easter baskets-hence her using the silly diaper bag-yes it was one of "those days" little buddy crawled over and found this blue egg.

Logan loved the Easter bunny and the fact that he gave an egg to her.

A couple days ago we painted eggs

Logan wanted to put stickers on our faces-yeah we're silly like that...

Cache just kept wanting to eat the eggs or throw them. "balls" he kept saying

love his blue lips

I took some pictures of them in their Easter dresses but the family picture was a no go because of Perry's knee-(we will do that later). I did take lots of pics of the kids though.

Cache was not a happy camper at first. (he was mad because I took away his frog toy for the picture)

Getting Mr frog back=happy camper

I loved Logan's dress-except for the fact it left sparkles everywhere. Logan loved it though-she thought she was a princess in it leaving her sparkle dust everywhere.

Mr. pouty

Hope you had a great Easter too...

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Perry has become pretty good friends with the couch and bed the past two days... He tore his acl dirt biking with some friends in Moab about 2 weeks ago..(yeah I wasn't very happy about that...) Anyway-he had surgery two days ago-so he has been in alot of pain..Logan has been right by his side the whole time. She loves to help him get ice, pillows, water-anything he needs-it's pretty cute to see her mother him. (She is going to be one sad girl when he goes back to work..) Anyway-he's doing pretty well considering and we hope he has a speedy recovery.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

To be concerned or not concerned...

I took little buddy to the Dr. for his wellness appt the other day and I was not so happy to hear what she had to say..I usually love going to these appts to see their growth and development-but after this one I felt more frustrated than anything. He weighed in at 18 lb 10 oz (gaining only 10 oz in the last 3 months) He was 30.5 inches which was an improvement-but his weight was a big issue with the dr. because now he is below the one percentile. I have a hard time finding food that he likes to eat-also she thinks he might have acid reflux still which may be why he is a picky eater. Now I have to go back to giving him zantac pills to see if that helps. Her other concern is that he isn't walking yet. He is close-but has not shown alot of interest yet. She suggested I call early childhood intervention to come to the house and check out his motor skills. She also scheduled a follow up appt in a month to make sure he is walking and gaining weight. I left the appointment feeling like my child is behind and I am a bad mom..Its one of those things I don't know whether to be concerned or not because Logan is small too and she didn't walk until 16 months. Cache also seems very healthy to me-a little on the small side but not extremely skinny or anything. Anyhoo-life goes on..I will just have to keep working with him to try to get him to walk and hopefully the reflux pills will work and lots of pediasure will help fatten him up.

Anyway here are some "MILESTONES" I believe he "HAS" accomplished at 16 months

-starting to say some words-his favorite thing to say is "want that" sounds more like "anthat"

-stands by himself

-can walk while holding onto the firetruck

-Is turning more and more into a cuddler.. It has taken time-but when he is in the mood or tired they are the best cuddles ever.

-Just recently has taken to a favorite blankie that he loves and has to have to go to sleep.

-Takes 2 naps still-morning and late afternoon and sleeps all night!!

-Does well shopping for about an hour-any longer he is done...and he lets me know..

-Favorite food is banannas. He loves them.

-Loves anything electonic-especially phones, remotes, cameras. He has already taken pictures on my phone.

-Did I mention he loves loves loves remotes! He gets excited when he changes the channel or messes up the tv. It doesn't make his sister very happy though.

-Loves water and bath time.

-Loves throwing balls and chasing after them.

-Loves the piano..It is his new favorite thing. I think he would be content to sit and play for an hour if I let him. (Maybe he will be my piano player)

-Loves his daddy..I love seeing him get excited when Perry comes through the door.

-I love this boy more and more every day..He is the sweetest little thing and there is something about his smile and those dimples that melt me every time. I love the sweet spirit he is in our home and am so glad he is a part of our family.