Wednesday, January 19, 2011


My little girl turned three this past week!! Can't believe it! Anyway-we had a little party for her with family. (my parents and sister and niece were even able to come!!) Anyway-here are some pics of her party.
She wanted a princess party-so my mom and I made her a castle cake-was kind of a nightmare at first-but if turned out ok-not quite how we imagined though.

She loved opening presents.

She got a lot of "princess" presents.
singing happy birthday
blowing out the candles
The kids enjoying little nibbles off the cake..
She loved her new kitchen she got. Dad finally got it together and she has been playing with it ever since.
Things about Logan at 3
-loves being in sunbeams
-loves dance class-we are still working on getting her to do the "dance" part
-princesses are definitely her favorite thing.
-loves playing "make believe" I always overhear her talking to herself telling stories
-Very independent-likes to do it herself-getting dressed, putting on shoes etc.(this is fine-unless we are in a hurry to go somewhere-then its just annoying)
-keeps us laughing-tells Perry to stop "snarling" (snoring) also asked grandma to help her put on her bra the other day-by bra she meant kitchen apron.
-likes to please her parents and feels very bad if she gets in trouble.
-loves to learn and has a very good memory. (holds me to promises I have made her when I think she will forget. )
-Is very good at talking and articulating herself-although she is shy and won't talk much around other people-especially those she doesn't know well.
-Loves cuddles at night before bed. She always asks "Who will cuddle me?"
-says prayers by herself
I love this girl!! Happy birthday Logan!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I put Logan in tap and ballet and took her for the second time to dance class today. Once again like last week she stood in her spot on the floor and looked at everyone else dance. Then she came home and did all the steps perfectly for me....frustrating..oh well..I'm hoping next week she actually dances instead of looks at everyone. She loves it and is so excited about going to dance-it kills me she won't do it when she gets there..I guess she will do it on her own time-(hopefully next week)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Went to Utah for Christmas this year. Here are a couple of key events to sum up the trip.

1-My poor sister Lauri fell and twisted her knee badly when we went skiing (ouch!!)
2-Had yummy Christmas Eve dinner with my siblings and their husbands and played our own version of "minute to win it."
3-Got to chat with my high school besties and see their cute kids over breakfast.
4-Chopped my hair..literally-the shortest I've ever had it.
5-Got the my kids and their cousins pictures taken at Penneys. (nightmare getting them ready-but they turned out ok)
6-little bit of shopping-this is always a must...
7-Got to see snow, snow, and more snow as it just kept snowing!
8-Had a good time being with family and loved that Perry could come spend some time in Utah too!
9-Was scared half to death driving home with slick roads in Dove Creek, but I made it!! (8 hrs later)
10-Love Christmas and I am so sad its over...till next year. Here are some pics.
Our own version of "Minute to Win it"
The kids opened new jammies from grandma and grandpa (snowmen ones of course-so cute!)
Had fun watching the kids open their presents. Cache had more fun with the wrapping paper than the presents.
Logan got spoiled...She loved her new potty doll and 4-wheeler and princess clothes to name a few.

Love his expression-Is this all I get?? a shirt?

Breakfast with my Nelley friends
Chopped hair-kind of short-but fun for a change
Taking Cache for a ride on her 4-wheeler

Pictures of all the snow..This would be the reason I didn't go home until Saturday.

oops-my little plumber is at it again.

Logan and Hallie loved throwing the snow with their bare hands!! We had to bribe them to come inside because we were freezing watching them.