Monday, August 29, 2011


So I have been slacking on the blog lately...Truth is I have been trying to squeeze in the last bit of summer that I can because it is going to end all too soon....I love summer and I am dreading the cold...Anyhoo-here are some pictures of what we have been up to the past month or two....

County Fair...

I love this picture and the looks on their faces.

The bunnies were Logan's favorite-she wanted to take one thank you

Went to Utah for a week...The kids always love riding horses.

Lauri and Cache and Bret and Logan

Ran South Valley half. Good race-but mean hills..Good training for St George though

Howell family reunion at Heber camp... Good to see all the cousins that I never see..We did a ropes course that was pretty fun-even the little kids joined in and had a good time.

Cache getting ready to go on the rope swing..He kept saying "I do it" so I decided to let him.

Logan did it too..

Tubing at Utah Lake...We went real slow and the kids loved it.

I met two of my friends at Thanksgiving point and we took the kids to see the farm animals..Fun to catch up and see their kids..

Swimming pool in provo..

splash park...

Well that about wraps it up...Hope you are enjoying the last of your summer...