Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This past week I had the privilege of going to DC for Perry's graduation. (He graduated from NADA dealer academy) and we got to spend a few extra days seeing some of the sights. It was great!-too bad its over already.
I flew in on Wednesday evening and Thursday Perry had class all day so I got to shop my heart out at the mall. They had every store you could imagine! Hours at the mall with no kids=one very happy girl. Perry's graduation lunch.

His graduating class. (I have to brag-He graduated 1st in his class might I add)

Some of his buddies from class.

Right after graduation on Friday we changed hotels and headed to downtown DC. That night we walked around and saw the white house. (this is the back side of the house-coudn't get a good picture from the front)

National Christmas tree

While we were in DC we enjoyed lots of good food..
The next day (Saturday) we went to the American history museum and holocaust museum. Here are pics of the American history museum.
Abe Lincolns wife's inauguration dress. (They had all the first lady's dresses)
Perry posing by Lincoln's top hat.
You can see the Lincoln memorial way off in the distance. (do you like my shoes?? I am a nerd- I opted for comfort over style. )
Washington Monument.
In front of Lincoln Memorial

That night we went to see the play the Christmas Carol at Ford's theater. The play was awesome!! Below is a picture of the balcony booth where he was shot and killed. They still have the original chair and couch in there. The next day (Sunday) we went to the air and space museum (How about a smile Perry?)
We went to the imax and saw a 3D show about the hubble-very cool
Original plane of the Wright brothers.
After the space museum we rode the metro and bus to Mount Vernon where George Washington lived. This was his mansion. It was totally rainy and we arrived 4 hours early because we had heard there was alot to do. When we got there they wouldn't let us walk the grounds or anything because of the rain and mud so we went to the gift shops and grabbed some grub and twiddled our thumbs for a couple hours!! Oops-my bad!! (no I did not take this picture-the one I took didn't turn out because it was dark)
At least we were able to go see the George Washington museum for a half hour before they closed. It was neat-they had all of his old war knifes and her jewelry and letters they had written to each other. etc. (lots of valuables in the museum as there were police men patroling the whole thing)
We hung out around this Christmas tree for hours since our tickets for the tour weren't until 7:45! LOLSeeing the inside of the mansion was really cool-but we couldn't take pictures-so here are some of the outside-this was her spinning room.This was their greenhouse-where they had dancing. They taught me a little dance-but I couldn't get Perry to join in on the fun. (ignore the weird spots all over the picture-I think the lens was wet or something) We had to leave early the next morning to come home. (4 am our time!!) We were a little tired to say the least. It was fun to see the kiddos when we got home. (we missed them) Im not sure how much they missed us as Logan keeps asking if she can go stay at Chelsey's again. I know she had fun at Mammy's too and Brittani's. We gave Logan a blue sucker from our trip and she was in heaven. Now its back to real life..bleh

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cache and Perry's birthday

Happy early birthday to my Cache and hubby. We celebrated with Perry's family on Saturday. Can't believe my little boy is 31-or uh 1! Anyhoo-here are some pictures.

These cupcakes were easy to make. Got the idea off the internet and used wafer cookies (normal size for mouth and mini size broken in half to make the ears) Also used mini blue m&ms for eyes and red gel for mouth. These monkey cups were a pain because the paper kept falling off even when I hot glued it! I will try paper cups instead of styrofoam if I make these again.

Little buddy loved his presents. He didn't quite get the whole "opening" them-but he had plenty of cousins to help with that part.

Perry and Cache blowing out their candle together. He kept trying to grab the candle while it was lit. Time to dig in...
Took him a while to get going.

I think he had more fun tearing it apart than eating it


The other night we went to the ward Christmas party and Santa came. I was unsure if Logan would sit on his lap or not-but she loved him. She wasn't hesitant in the slightest and even talked to him. (unlike last year)
Funny story- We kept asking her all day if she was going to sit on his lap and what present she wanted Santa to bring her. She kept saying she wanted a dollie. Here is the conversation between her and Perry on the way home.
Perry-"Did you like seeing Santa and sitting on his lap?"
Logan-"Yes-but he didn't have a dollie for me"
Too funny..

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

Can't believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow!! Anyway-the other day the kids and I had fun making turkeys. These are super easy and fun to make. We found some pinecones in the yard and glued a body on the front and feathers on the back. Logan especially loved putting glitter glue all over the feathers.

Made one for Cache too-but he just wanted to pull all the feathers off.
Anyway-with it being Thanksgiving I wanted to jot down some of the things that I am thankful for. These are mostly for me-but if you want to read- feel free.
1-I am thankful to be a mom..IT is one of the hardest yet most rewarding things. There are some days that I just want to quit and give up. I get sick of doing the same mundane things every day. Laundry, changing diapers, feeding kids, bathing kids, calming kids down, cleaning messes. ect ect.-but in the end the love that I feel for my children and know that they feel for me is so worth it and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
2-Thankful for good health..Truly I am. I am rarely sick and so thankful that my body allows me to have the energy to do the every day things that I need to do.
3-Food-I LOVE FOOD-and lots of it...End of story
4-Music-I love listening to tunes. I am not big on knowing bands and names of songs-but I love pop and country- and secretly I like to turn the tunes up and dance with Logan.
5-Running-I have been running for 14 years now and I love it. It is "my time" and makes me feel good and I hope to continue doing it for many many years.
6-Examples-holy cow I have had many good examples in my life. Parents, teachers, leaders, friends all who have touched my life in some way and made me want to better myself.
7-Home-I love my home (yes in spite of being a flat top) It is comfy and cozy to me and I love that we have a place to call our own and take pride in.
8-Husband-I love him and am so greatful for all that he does to show his love for me and help me out. I love that he is such a good dad to our kids and loves them to pieces-and helps out with whatever I need.
9-Gospel-Truly I don't know where I would be without it. I definitely go through ups and downs of spirituality-but the gospel is my rock and keeps my focus on the "big picture" and what is most important in life.
10-Date nights-Too few and far between-but I love taking the time to get out and do something fun with Perry. (even if its dinner or just getting icecream)
11-Nature-I love seeing a beautiful view, waterfall, ocean, or being in the mountains. There is something about seeing the beautiful sights of our earth that moves me.
12-Time-All we have is time and I love spending "quality time" with my family and trying to create memories together.
13-Knowledge-yes I know I am a little ditzy sometimes-but I am greatful to have a healthy mind and I am greatful to be able to keep learning new things every day.
14-Freedom-I am greatful to be an American and enjoy the freedoms that I do-I am greatful for the constitution and our rights-and nobody better ever try to change it!
15-Travel-I love to travel-whether it be across the country or right next door-whatever-just take me there.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Ok..Time for me to post my annual leaf monster pictures-but first-- here is a flashback to the previous two years.

This year I have two leaf monsters instead of just one!