Wednesday, March 24, 2010


My husband talked me into going camping last weekend, even though it is still March-yeah we're nuts but it was still fun anyway. While we were there Perry went to get a fish licence and came back with an adorable princess pole for Logan. She thought she was in heaven (princesses are one of her favs right now) When we asked her what she was going to catch she informed us that she was going to catch a crocodile. She constantly cracks me up. Anyway-we went fishing for a couple hours and much to our dissapointment we didn't catch a crocodile or a fish..oh well..At least it was nice to enjoy the sun. Here are some pictures of fishing.

Cache was content staying in his warm car seat..
I knew the weather was too good to last because the next day we woke up to this....
Lovely right?? Brings back memories of camping at this same spot last year. Thank goodness for a warm trailer or we would have high tailed it out of there. We spent most of the day inside the trailer being entertained by this silly girl..

After being cooped up in the trailer all day we went for a ride and saw lots of these..
Maybe next time we go it will be warm...fingers crossed.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Thought these were too silly... All I can say is what in the ????

Definitely a look I would go for....
Funny...I thought about doing the same thing to Sport..

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Perry gave me an early birthday present by taking our fam to Albuquerque Friday night. We had such a good time. After getting off to a frazzled start-we finally made it to Abq and had dinner at this awesome mexican restaurant El pinto.. It was huge (can serve up to 1200 people at once), and it was delish.. When we got to the hotel Per had some yummy chocolate dipped strawberries waiting. As you can tell Logan loved them too...

Maybe a bit too much....
The next day we went to the zoo/aquarium/botanical garden. It was such a nice day 66 degrees-and Logan was so fun to watch as she loved all the animals. I think she liked the giraffe's the most.. We got to the giraffes and she said Look Daddy!! Giraffes!!! They soooo big!!! The funnest part was watching her interaction with her dad all day.. She did not want to leave his side. It was cute to watch Perry explain to her about each animal and she would get so excited. I could tell she thoroughly enjoyed being with her dad. She is definitely a daddy's girl.
After we saw most of the zoo, we took the train to the aquarium, and gardens.

The aquarium was awesome. I was really impressed with all they had.. Sharks, jelly fish, rays, eels etc.. It was neat to see..As far as the garden goes, there wasn't alot to see as the flowers have not started growing yet..but we want to go back when it is late spring when everything will be in bloom.

After our long drive home from from Abq. This is how I found Logan.. Dead asleep with her blankie pulled over her head.. She is nut...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Cache was blessed this past Sunday. He was given a wonderful blessing by his father. He is growing and changing so much and we are so happy to have this little guy in our family.
I think he looks like a little man in his suit.

I can't get enough of his smiles...
Our best attempt at a family picture. (as you can see it didn't turn out so great.)