Friday, March 30, 2012

Too much sun

About a week or so ago I took the kids to the park and got a little too much sun...Now I am paying the price and my skin is starting to peel on my arms and nose...Yuck I know...Anyway-my face peeling led to Logan asking this silly question and it was too funny I had to write it down...
She kept staring curiously at my peeling face and said
"Mom, your face is coming off"
I responded "Yes, Logan I am peeling"
She responds "So does that mean your face won't stay up good anymore?"
I laugh
She says "You won't die if your face falls off will you?"
"No Logan, I won't die if my face falls off."
Sometimes kids say the darndest things.
Happy Friday

Thursday, March 22, 2012

You win some, you lose some

Wow, Its been a while since I have blogged. Last week I ran in the Moab half and it didn't turn out quite as well as I would have hoped. It was kind of an experience for me so I thought I would jot it down so I can laugh/remember it one day...
My goal for this race was to run a 1:23-1:24 (about 2-3 minutes faster than last year) I also thought it would be fun to win again (although you never know who will show up thats good competition-so the only one I can REALLY compete with is myself) Anyway, I trained hard. My program was basically the same I used for last year, but this year I was hitting slightly faster training paces. (I was in slightly better shape than last year-but definitely not St George shape)
Race day was terribly windy again (dejavu of last year), (wind is my worst nemesis-I would rather run in the snow, cold, rain) It would be nice if the wind was at our backs, but it was a straight head/cross wind...My body felt "off" early in the race. I usually feel amazing while racing and I typically look at racing as the reward/prize for all the hard training. This was not the case. My splits started falling off of the pace I wanted about 3 miles in and the wind was grueling...About mile 6- the wind also blew gatorade in my eye, (which really stings when mixed with dust!) all the while I am dodging tumbleweeds blowing across the road....boohoo... I know I am complaining alot-but it was just one of those races where I couldn't get it together physically or mentally....I kept telling myself to "keep pushing," but it was really hard. I realized the wind would slow my time down, and it sure did. I ended up finishing 4th overall with a time of 1:27:54-over a minute and a half slower than last year, almost 5 minutes off of goal time....Of course I am upset about how the race went, (I wanted to finish so much BETTER) (Sheesh-I was 12 seconds slower per mile than the full St George marathon!) In spite of everything I realize I gave it my all considering the conditions. My body wasn't feeling it and there were faster girls than me so I will learn from this race and move on...It taught me a lesson. Even though it was a super hard race for me, and the wind kicked my butt-I did persevere and finish, though it was tempting to quit. (Quitting never crosses my mind-I usually LOVE racing-that's how bad I felt) I know that in spite of being optimistic and positive not every race can be perfect, and sometimes your body can feel "flat and off" and that's how this one went down unfortunately...(Maybe I am low on iron?? -maybe I am slightly burned out??) Who knows exactly why it was one of "those days." I guess I wouldn't know a great race if I didn't have a bad one....I do know I have a much faster time in me on that course, but if "old man weather" won't cooperate I may never get to run that fast time....
K....I had a bad race and now I am over it and moving on...Time for a great race now...
I plan on taking a much needed break for a little bit-(my body and mind need it) Then I will hit the training hard for the Utah Valley Marathon in mid June...I plan on having a much better experience at that one...
On a more positive note I got to spend some time in Utah with my family .
We celebrated my "old woman" (30th) birthday at Brick Oven. I love that place..
I finally got to meet my new niece Oaklee for the first time.. She is soo cute!
Also went to the zoo...The kids loved it
and lets not forget the highlight for Cache-getting his picture taken with Mater (on main street in Moab.)

Thursday, March 1, 2012


My life seems like lately all I do is clean up messes. (I know every mom with young ones share in this experience with me) but lately I am getting so tired of trying to keep a clean house when two minutes later it looks like a bomb has gone off. Lately I have been saving it to the end of the day to put away (which drives me nuts) but if we clean up earlier they just take it out again. I asked Logan to put her toys away the other day and she said "But mom-can't you do it? You do it so much faster." It is true-it is alot faster and easier if I do it myself but then she will never learn-so I have been trying to make her do it...I guess I will have to learn that right now in life it is ok to not have a spotless house and it is better to have happy kids that entertain themselves. Here is to many more messes to clean up....