Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Payton Pictures

Wow, I can't believe my little babe is already 3 weeks old today. Time seemed to be in slow motion at first-but now I feel like it is flying by. She has been a good baby so far. She is eating really well, about every 2-3 hours. So far, she doesn't cry very much..  As soon as she starts to cry Logan rushes over and puts her bink in her mouth. Her and Cache also like to sing "You are my sunshine to her" when she is crying. I thought Cache might be jealous of her-but he isn't at all. He even wants to hold her quite a bit. We are all adjusting well and she is such a sweet little peanut. I'm so glad to have her in our family. I had these pictures taken when she was 5 days old and finally got around to posting them today.. I had them taken by Nicole Noble at Noble Photography in Bloomfield. She had a little studio in her house and took about 2 hours taking their pictures. I think she did a good job, and the kids all did great so it was a lot of fun. She took a ton of pictures and these are some of my favorites.