Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I cannot believe my little guy is 4 months already! (actually he is almost 4and1/2 now) I meant to do this post before leaving town but didn't. Anyway here is a quick update on our little buddy.

-Took him to the Dr. yesterday and he was 13 lbs 3 oz. and 24 inches long. (10-25th percentile) not big but definitely bigger than Logan was at his age.
-Still has a hard time sleeping. Usually wakes up to eat 2-3 times a night. (I also have to give him his bink all the time) Some nights are okay-some are horrible. Hopefully he will start sleeping well and I will stop feeling like a walking zombie. bleh-not used to to it because Logan slept the whole night from 3 months on.
-Loves to have attention.. Perry called him our A.D.D child the other day (attention deficiency disorder) He loves to be played with and talked to all the time.
-He is the spit up King..I keep thinking it will get better the older he gets but it doesn't. I have never been puked on so much-he definitely keeps me busy with laundry.
-He is so ticklish and loves to giggle.
-Yesterday he had his first taste of baby cereal. He wasn't sure what to think.. Most of it ended up on his shirt.
-Loves the sound of the blowdryer. He will stop crying the instant I turn it on.
-He has the biggest dark blue eyes.
-Right now he has a definite grandpa hairdo. Not much on top or the sides but a small dark strip in the back. (He is taking after his grandpa)
-My favorite thing about him is his smile. His dimples are the cutest.
-He has definitely been a challenging baby sometimes but he is the sweetest little guy and I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hope everyone had a good easter. I know we did. It was fun this year having Logan be so much more interactive. She had a blast finding eggs, painting eggs, eating candy..the whole bit. Maybe next year Cache will join in on the fun too. WARNING: picture overload

All the cousins had fun coloring eggs at Aunt Brittani's house.

Finished product... I think Logan did 3 or 4 eggs breaking all but one of them..
She woke up Easter morning and was so excited to find that the Easter bunny came and scattered eggs all over the house. She also loved her basket.
Little Mr. Cache..I love this guy..

He kept trying to eat the eggs.
We had a yummy ham dinner at Grant and Brittani's house. The kids had another egg hunt.
Little Missy had no trouble finding eggs.
As soon as we got inside I found her like this-gorging down on all her goodies. She definitely has a sweet tooth.I bought Easter dresses for the kids not realizing that Easter was on conference weekend. (silly me-could've saved myself some money) I had them wear their new outfits the Sunday before and snapped some shots.
The whole fam damily

Hope you had a great Easter too!