Monday, February 15, 2010



Here's some pics of our Valentines Day (wanted a picture of my cute husband too-but he refused)

I love this guy...His smile melts my heart.

Made some cookies..Wish they would have been fluffier-but oh well.

Logan would have eaten all of them if we let her..(My mom made her cute dress..She also got a very pretty bracelet from pappy-but we took it off after church so it wouldn't get lost.)

Saw this cute tweetie balloon and coudn't resist buying it for the missy (2.99 at Walgreens!)

It was bigger than her and she loved it.

Hope you had a great Valentines too!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hello....Yes I am still alive. Having two kids definitely makes me more busy-and I have been out of town. Perry had to go out of town for work-so instead of sitting home alone I decided to make a trip to Utah. I was a little scared to drive 6 hours with two kids-but they did really well. Thank goodness for DVD players and a baby that likes to sleep in his car seat. My trip consisted of getting my hair cut/colored, visiting Annica (my friend), taking lots of pictures (especially 5th generation pictures, lunch at the BYU Dairy with mom-(tradition when I come to town), shopping-of course, and celebrating my sister's birthday at Brick Oven (mm..fattening pasta is my fav). Here are some pics of the trip.
All the cousins
Cache and Brindley (they are only a month apart)
I also got Logan's 2nd year pictures taken at Pennys. (I have decided I will get their pictures taken once a year around their birthday) In spite of being late, and Logan tripping and getting black all over her pants in the parking lot-they actually turned out pretty well. Amazingly she wanted to pose and smile for most all of her pictures. She is definitely a hit or miss on pictures-thank goodness this was a hit. Since I was there I had to get Cache's picture taken too-of course.

Dinner at Brick Oven. (Oh how I miss that place!)
Lauri was thrilled the workers made her stand to sing to her. Had a good time.. The End.