Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Yeah!--we finally got rid of Logan's binki...I did not know if we ever would since it has become her favorite friend. How did we do it? We heard from a friend about cutting the tip off- so we thought we'd try it worked! One night we cut the tip off her binki and gave it to her and she put it in her mouth and said "yucky...don't like it". She didn't cry or anything but she still wanted to hold it in her hand. The next few nights she would ask for her binki and every time she would put it in her mouth and say yucky but she still wanted to hold it. About a week later she said "don't like..throw it away." We took her downstairs and she took a long look at her bink and a long look at the garbage and finally threw it away saying "bye bye bink." She has still occasionally asked for it-but we remind her she threw it away and she says "oh yeah, I a big girl now." I am glad we rid her of the bink but now she is having a harder time taking naps because of it. I think the bink helps her relax and go to sleep. The other day we heard her mumbling something about bows over the baby monitor. Perry went to check on her and this is what we found....apparently she decided she would rather try on bows than take a nap. Glad we got rid of the bink-but sometimes I miss it.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I cannot believe my baby is two! Okay...I know she is not the baby anymore but sometimes she still feels like my baby. We had a little family get together to celebrate and of course I had to post pics.

I made her a butterfly cake- there are definitely many mistakes but it turned out okay. (this picture is way out of order....oh well.) THIS YEAR (she kept trying to sneak the frosting off the cake while I was taking her picture) LAST YEAR (It's crazy how much they change in a year!)

She loved opening her presents. I had her presents sitting in the living room all day and she kept wanting to open her presents saying "Logan open presents?" I finally had to hide them so she would quit asking. Needless to say she was happy that night when she finally got to open her presents. She couldn't quite figure out how to blow out the candles-so dad helped.

I found these napkins, cups and party favors at the dollar store and was so excited because they matched the butterfly cake perfectly.

She cracks me up..When I ask her to say cheese lately she turns her head and and smiles like this.. (see the two picture below) I have to snap it fast because she runs away so quickly.
She loved her balloons and still carries them all over the house.
Some of the other cousins at the party...They were all having too much fun playing upstairs.

Monday, January 11, 2010


I can't believe my little guy is already a month old! He is doing really well and growing like a weed. His preemie outfits are getting too short and I believe he weighs around 7 lbs now. These are some things that I have learned about having two kids in the past month.

1-Forgot what it was like to be completely sleep deprived! I feel like I am a walking zombie half the time. (can't wait until he is sleeping through the night!)
2-It is definitely not as easy taking naps-considering there are two kids to get on the same nap schedule.
3-Forgot what it was like to be puked on 500 times and pooed on. We were hanging out with some friends the other night and he had a blow out (of course it got all over my pants) Right after that he spit up (more like threw up) all over Perry's shirt. (He is the spit up king) At least we were only a couple houses down from where we lived so I was able to run home and put on new pants.
4-Laundry, laundry, laundry-seems like it never ends with a newborn
5-Definitely harder to leave the house-takes more time to get everything ready considering I have to remember diapers, spare outfit, binkies, blankies, etc. Taking them in and out of the car also takes more time. (Also-those carseats get heavy!-hopefully I will get some buff arms)
6-I forgot what it was like to have to plan leaving the house around breast feeding..
7-I have found myself calling him different nicknames like: little buddy, C.C., Mr. Cache, sunshine.
8-He is afraid of the dark... At night after I feed him I have to wait until he is in a deep sleep before I turn off the light or he cries. (maybe I should look into a nightlight)
9-Loves to be cuddled and held-he sleeps best in bed with me...but I don't want him getting in the habit of that.
10-Incessant crying is frustrating! Especially when he has been changed, fed, bathed and I have no idea what to do..? I do love the fact Logan can tell me what she wants.
11-He is very gassy-(like Father like son I guess)
12-He has the cutest dimples I have ever seen.
13-It is definitely alot harder dividing my time between two as apposed to one. It is hard when Logan needs something or wants attention and I am right in the middle of feeding him.
14-Didn't know if I could love him as much as Logan-but from the second he was born I fell in love with him. There is nothing quite like holding and cuddling and caring for a brand new baby-and it makes all the hard times worth it. I love my little guy.
15-I am learning more everyday about how to handle two kids-(I was very nervous at first-but little by little and through trial and error I am sure it will get easier.)

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Late Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope you had a good one. We did. Perry's whole family came into town. (all 8 siblings were here with their kids). We all had a good time. On Christmas Eve we had many different soups-which is a family tradition. After dinner we read the Christmas story and the grandkids dressed up-Logan loved being the angel.

Logan loved hanging out with her cousins especially Eva. These two kept kept making each other laugh-it was funny to watch them. Too bad they don't live closer.
On Christmas Eve everyone also opened pajamas. Logan loved hers.
Then we did the annual white elephant presents.
Logan opened Thomas the train-which was taken from her-but she wound up with a baby doll-which made her day. We ended up with barbeque sauce and post it notes.
I'm just glad we didn't end up taking home this.....
Christmas morning was fun because Logan actually understood the whole "opening presents." She was definitely more entertaining than last year with her "ohs" and "aaahs"
Some of her favorite presents were her baby stroller and carrier and her baby dolls.
After opening presents at our house we went to Perry's parents house for breakfast-and we pretty much hung out there the rest of the day. I made Perry take a little family Christmas picture. He was not to thrilled about it as you can tell. (what a stinker)
Had to post this one because it looks like he is it
The Webb sisters and in-laws. My parents came the day after Christmas and stayed a couple days. It was fun for them to see baby Cache. Here they are entertaining Logan with ring around the roses. She was in heaven.
Hope you had a good Christmas too..