Thursday, September 27, 2012


I can't believe summer is pretty much over... I do love fall-but it is all too short. (summer is by far my favorite season) I meant to blog so much more this summer-but didn't find the time, so I will post our summer in pictures...
Logan and Cache took swim lessons this summer with Miss Erin. At the end of summer Logan was actually able to swim across the whole pool by herself... She was not graceful by all means-(looking like a frantic doggie padler)-but at least she did it.. Cache was a little timid-but he liked it..(blowing bubbles was his favorite)    

 Logan and her "pose"

 Trafalga in American Fork. (Logan still talks about this ride)
 Albuquerque zoo
 boating at Utah Lake

 Camping at Mancos

 Fishing with Uncle Bret at Spanish Fork Reservoir
 Love the look on their faces

 Labor Day weekend at Durango with the Webbs

Alas, the end of summer.. Makes me sad:( Glad it was a good one though:)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I have been running once or twice at the park lately... There is a 200 meter loop that circles the playground, and I let the kids play in the sand while I run.. (They keep each other entertained and I can keep a good eye on them since it is only 200 meters around) Anyway...The other day I took them to the park-(just to play) and as soon as we got there Cache told me he was going to run like mommy.. He ran half the 200 meter loop about 8 times... So I figure he ran about a half mile..Anyway-I kept asking him if he was done and he would say "No, one more time mom." I kept telling him he was so fast-and his little face would light up with a smile. It was totally cracking me up.. He would run the little loop and then stop and rest a little bit, then go again and again..It was soo funny. He was a sweaty little boy by the time he said he was done... His little form is so cute-he runs with his arms straight down-(not bent at all) as you can see by the pictures.. He is also extremely slow-(but he is only 2!) He just may have more endurance than speed:).. Anyway, I always dreamed of having a little runner-but for some reason I thought it would be a girl.. Who knows, it just might be my little Cache.. I will not force my kids to do anything they don't want to do as far as sports/hobbies go-but I would be thrilled to have a little runner..
(Logan had preschool today and I took him to the park to play... He wanted to run again, so I ran with him at the park and he did .75 before calling it quits after taking a digger-poor guy) Of course I walked as he did his little shuffle run-but I was proud of him.. Here's to my little one's discovering new hobbies:)   

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A small tender mercy

So the past couple of days, (weeks actually) I have felt like this....
Especially yesterday...It all started when I went to pick up Sport from the kennel and was told I own a mean attack dog...I also found out he lost another tooth (due to his crazy banging his head against the door-he lost one last time we kenneled him too) Who needs teeth right? So, I brought him home and he pooped on the carpet (yep, diarreah)... (What!?-He never poops in our house...-but he did yesterday) Somehow Logan managed to get it on her legs and feet. This whole time the kids are whining and fighting about everything in the book... My text to Perry describes my day..."If your dog poops one more time in the house I will drop kick him to the moon! He just pooped a second time and I am losing it with the kids...They are fighting over everything...Try to come up with a spiritual talk for Sunday....yeah right!!!! I am so done"
Anyhoo, it wasn't a great day for me, and I was exhausted by the end... I feel like I have been blessed with really good kids-but the past couple weeks have been hard for me...They have been fighting alot more than usual and I have been losing my patience a lot more than usual.. I have known for a month that I am giving a talk this Sunday and it has been weighing on my mind to get it done-but alas I find other things to do instead...(Who wants to write a talk? Not me) I was really set on doing it yesterday-and was bummed at my horrible day and knew writing a spiritual talk was definitely not in the plans...
This morning I woke up, goal in mind to write my talk... I woke up and fed the kids and myself breakfast and sat down at the computer to work on my talk. I said a quick prayer that I would be able to be inspired to know what to write and finish my talk... Something amazing happened... For 3 straight hours my kids played quietly with each other..They didn't fight or whine, and they didn't bother me, or ask me to get anything for them. I was able to write my talk and feel pretty good about it... I think that the Lord knew I needed a break and he was kind enough to give one to me... All day today the kids have been great, no fighting whatsoever.. I know it was a small thing-but I feel like it was a little tender mercy that I really needed....