Friday, January 20, 2012

Gas, skunks and dogs don't mix

This dog is definitely in the doghouse.... A couple days ago Perry was fixing something on his dirt bike and accidentally spilled gas all over the floor of our garage. It stunk up our whole house to say the least and has been terrible trying to get rid of the smell. Fast forward a couple days....Last night Perry let Sport outside and as he came back in he yelled "Oh no, I think Sport was sprayed by a skunk!" Within about 10 seconds our whole house reeked so bad. It smelled like the worst burnt rubber smell you have ever smelled and made me nauseous, feeling like I could taste it. After Sport ran around the house we finally got him in his cage and I did a search to see how to get the smell off him. We had no tomato juice so we tried a mixture of white vinegar, baking soda and dish detergent. It worked wonders on him-but our house still stunk. After buying a new bed for Sport and using a deskunk solution on all of our carpet- it has helped. Last night we were sitting in a freezing cold house with all of our windows open trying to air it out. It seems better today-but who knows when it will be completely sink free?? lol-Gas, skunks and dog smell definitely don't mix...Does anyone want to come over to our yummy home??

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Can't believe my little girl is 4 now!!! Holy cow! To celebrate we had Perry's family over for dinner and cake. Logan was also excited to have my parents in town to join in on the fun too..

My mom helped me with the cake and it actually wasn't very hard to make.
The only thing Logan wanted for her birthday was a princess helmet to match her bike-so she was pretty excited when she opened it. (her little brother also likes to wear it)

Things for me to remember about Logan at this age:

She loves playing pretend. She is content to play by herself for hours just talking to her dolls playing "princess" and being the mom. Cache is usually the dad or husband. This past year she has also had a couple "play dates." She likes playing with other girls and as much as she loves her brother-she also gets sick of his teasing and pestering.

She is really coming out of her shell and is getting more confident at talking to others. She used to be very shy, but now she is more independent and not as afraid.

She loves princesses still. Her favorite right now is Tangled, but she loves all of them.

She loves to learn. She pulls out her workbooks all the time and wants to do the activities in them. She amazes me with her memory. She can remember names, faces, small details that I don't even remember. She has really enjoyed mommy preschool this year and I think we will put her in a real preschool next year.

Although she has her occasional melt down moments-she is a sweetheart and we are lucky to have her in our family..HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOGAN!!!


I put Logan in Farmington High's drill team dance clinic. They practiced an hour and a half for 3 days straight then they performed during half time at the boy's basketball game. She thought she was so big. It was fun to watch her dance, and I am glad she wasn't afraid to do it. I think she had a lot of fun.

Logan, Jaima and Miquelyn
Grandma and Grandpa and mammy and pappy even got to see her dance. It was fun that my parents were able to be in town. Cache was cracking us up when we got home from the game. He kept stealing Logan's pompom and kept shaking them calling it "his pompom." Perry wasn't too excited about Cache's new favorite toy.