Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My son, the skinny dipper wannabe

I wanted to write this Cache story down so I don't forget it. Last week we stayed in Albuquerque for some meetings Perry had for work. We decided it would be fun to swim at the motel's indoor pool, but I soon realized I forgot Cache's swimsuit. We told him he would just have to swim in his lightning underwear. (yes, we are "that"family) Anyway, he threw a fit and said "No, I don't want to swim in underwear!".. (Little did we know he had his own ideas of what he wanted to swim in) Anyway, we got to the pool and the next thing I hear and see is shouts of excitement and a little white bum running toward the hot tub.. Perry and I couldn't stop laughing as we made him put his little undies back on. He was rather upset he couldn't just swim naked. That's my boy-the skinny dipper wannabe:)


So I have been slow in posting pictures-but I loved some of these of my kids playing in the snow. (That is probably the only thing I like about winter is having no where to go and seeing the kids playing in all the beautiful snow) When we were in Utah it snowed and snowed and snowed.. I have never seen it snow so much! Anyway, the kids had fun sledding down the neighbor's little hill.
Afterward, we enjoyed some yummy hot chocolate...
Cache got more on his lips and clothes than his mouth.. (thank goodness for shout-I finally got all the chocolate out of his shirt)
We had some snow here too! I forgot how much work it is to make a snowman-especially when the snow is not good packing snow.. (We had three balls-but within seconds of putting the top one on it fell off and broke.)
Finished product... He is a cute little snowman...small-but cute. Thanks to grandma for giving us the accessories to make him our frosty.

Friday, February 1, 2013


I have been meaning to post these pictures for a while, but of course haven't found the time. About a month and a half ago my family went to Cancun for a week. It was really fun and I want to remember it so here are some pictures. 
We arrived Saturday night, and went to church at a little ward on Sunday.. (Lauri's husband Trevor went on his mission to Mexico and I think he loved being able to go to church and remember the people and their culture) At church they asked me to play the piano for their musical number... embarassing-but I did it.  
Downtown Cancun.. I took this picture because I knew Cache would love the Spiderman. We attempted a little shopping here-but got so bombarded and pressured with sales people it was annoying. "Maam, come to my store! You like?? I give you good price."  

 That night we went to eat at a yummy true Mexican restaurant. Perry still talks about the food. They had a mariachi band and everything.
 Sheesh! That takes talent..
 There was some cultural dancing and a Christmas party all the locals were at, so we checked it out for a minute.
 Monday we went to Xplor. It's a gigantic park where we ziplined, (14 different ziplines) 4-wheeled, canoed and swam in beautiful cave cenotes. Not to mention all you can eat buffet-so we ate to our little hearts content:)Xplor was my favorite thing we did in Cancun.. It really is awesome! If you ever go to Cancun it is a must see and definitely worth the price! It's really neat!
 Ziplining through small waterfalls
 These are real caves that you can swim through or canoe in. (We did both-and it was gorgeous)
 Tuesday we went to another park called Xelha. This was mostly a relaxing day of snorkeling and taking tubes down the river. We lounged on the beach and enjoyed more all you can eat food. (I think my dad had 7 soft serve icecream cones) Every time I saw him he had an icecream in his hand lol! We watched the boys and Sherri and Chalese jump off some rope swings.

 Wednesday we rode on a large catamaran to another little island. On the island we shopped and got to hold a shark. We also enjoyed a little mexican lunch and we played beach volleyball. The highlight for me was snorkeling. They took us in the boat to a reef and we saw a huge ray..(It was really huge! By far the biggest I have ever seen) They let Perry dive down about 30 feet and chase it. Fun day, but it did rain like crazy.
 Our shark we got to hold. Isn't he cute?

 Here is the beach from our hotel.
 Friday we went to see the ruins at Tulum and Coba. (We also swam in a cave cenote) The picture below is of us at Coba. We rode bikes to individual ruins. We hired an lds tour guide Nephi to drive us and take us around. It was interesting to hear the history about the lamanites and nephites from an lds perspective.

Behind us is the largest ruin you can still climb on.
 Here we are nearing the top. (It was quite the steep hike)
 After Coba we went to a cave cenote.
 Perry, Trevor and My dad all jumped from the platform you can see.
 Perry jumping in...

 The water was cold, but it was soo pretty.
 After Coba we went to Tulum. The temples and ruins here were more excavated than the ones at Coba. (It amazes me that there is still soo much excavation to be done though)

 If I lived back in those days I would totally live at Tulum. It is gorgeous and back behind the ruins is the most gorgous white sand beach!

 Playing basketball at the hotel pool.