Thursday, August 2, 2012

Silverton Camping

Just got back from camping in Silverton, Colorado. I've been to Silverton-but I've never been camping there. It was fun to try something different other than Mancos. We took the tyrex (T-Rex) as the kids call it. We spent alot of our time riding different trails-it was so pretty. I think I could ride trails all day.It's so peaceful and relaxing to me..We loved it-except when we got rained/hailed on coming back from the trails.. (It happened more than once) The kids were good sports and didn't complain too much.
This picture is taken from inside an old house at Animas Forks...

 Lake Como-so pretty-(this shot was taken around 12,900 ft high) Look how blue the water is!

 Poughkeepsie trail...Most of the trails are really easy...but this one was difficult..(this part of the trail was, anyway) Our wench came in really handy- and we wouldn't have gone down without it...(I am a bit of a baby when it comes to going down anything steep or rocky)

 skipping/throwing rocks..

 Love the clouds in this picture...This is right before it started hailing on us.
 This little guy actually ate seeds out of Logans hand.

 These pictures really don't do the scenery justice...It is soo pretty here..
 Love the red mountains mixed with green....

 Looking out from inside a mine
 Went into Silverton for lunch, and Perry found a bbq restaurant edorsed by diners, drive-ins and dives and was in heaven. (It was actually pretty good) Cache found the train and wanted to see the engine.. (no, we didn't ride it)
This is Animas Forks, an old Ghost/mining town from over 100 years ago... (Most of the structures are still intact and they allow you to walk in some of them)