Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Back to reality...Last week we went to California with some friends and stayed at a beach house on Newport Beach. We obviously went to the beach, (alot) and also Disneyland. It was so much fun...Pictures tell it so much better than words so I will let the pics do the talking..
Last year in San Diego Cache wanted nothing to do with the waves-(he was as scared as could be)-but this year he could not get enough of them... He would run in them and giggle and laugh like it was the coolest thing ever. I felt like I had to watch him close so he wouldn't go too deep. We would hang out at the beach all day and neither of the kids ever wanted to go in.. They really did love it, and I am glad they were at an age to enoy it...

 Love these ones of Perry and Cache...

 Logan liked the waves, but she was content to play in the sand...

 The husbands dug this big hole that they all liked to play in..
 One day we rented bikes and took the kids on a bike ride along the beach/boardwalk..
Logan and Cache both liked Disneyland.. Logan was even big enough to ride some of the big rides like splash mountain and space mountain.. She loved Splash mountain-but hated space mountain... (Although we crammed it all in one day-we were still able to see and ride pretty much everything we wanted..) Although expensive-It was totally worth the money-and I would definitely do it again..The first character we saw when we got into Disneyland was Minnie, and she was the cutest thing ever... She seriously took her time with them and was so animated-she was my absolute favorite!!
Love this picture!
 She kept trying to try on Cache's sunglasses and they thought it was soo funny.

 They also loved seeing Mickey and his house...

  Logan was super excited to meet the princesses and Belle was her favorite one.. She was the sweetest princess.
 Tianna- from the princess and the frog.
 Jasmine...Cache was a little smitten:)

 Cache's favorite ride was driving the cars..-no surprise there..

 Buzz lightyear ride.. I love Perry's look of concentration in trying to hit the targets.
 On the 4th of July we walked to this little kids festival where they had different activities for kids to do.

 Cache was not very happy about going down the slide...
 Look at his face--definitely not a happy camper:)

 Face painting.. These ladies did some serious face painting-they were elaborate.

 After we went to the festival-we went back to the beach house and it was serious chaos/partying around where we were staying... People boozing it up and dancing on roofs. At one point we had a news crew, paramedic and firetruck right in front of our house due to some fight... It was kind of entertaining as we sat on our porch watching all the crazies..
 Our neighbors house...
 Our house... (I wonder which one is the mormon house?)

All in all-it was a great vacation- I didn't know if the kids would enjoy the beach and like Disneyland-but they did.


Brittani said...

I absolutely love the first picture of them with Minnie! Wish I could have been there to see their faces the whole time. Looks like a blast!

Chanel said...

I love those kind of trip that the kids just LOVE! They are such awesome memories for the rest of your life.

Chels said...

So CUTE!! Love all the pics.

Mikael Squire said...

How fun! I love that Cache was smitten by Jasmine!