Friday, April 27, 2012


On the third day we woke up early and caught a small 1 hour flight to Palowan (El Nido). We totally landed on a dirt runway, and it freaked me out a little. From there we took about an hour boat ride with the others to our little resort on a little island. I was in awe the whole time at the beauty.. The water is so blue and there were little islands that looked like mountains all over-some of them had white sand on them and some of them were giant cliffs with trees growing all over them..This is probably the prettiest place I have ever been in my life..When we got to our room we were welcomed by a little monkey in our tree. He started throwing little coconuts at the people below-so funny. At the resort all of the activities are included in the price-so we sat down and made a schedule of what we were going to do the rest of the time...I didn't want to miss anything and had everything planned out-haha...The first day we took a boat ride to the small and big Lagoons. They are so beautiful..Scientists think they used to be caves that collapsed and left these beautiful Lagoons. We snorkeled in the big Lagoon and then we kayaked in the small lagoon..After that we had dinner- everything is buffet style...I was afraid of what they would serve..They did have a ton of crazy looking seafood-but they also had rice with beef, fresh fruit, (the mangos are sooo good!) bread, salad etc..Thankfully I was able to find things to eat.. I felt like I was in a dreamland today-it was seriously that amazing...I was in total awe at the beauty..The atmosphere was so relaxed and peaceful...Awesome day today...
Boat ride over to the Island
 I couldn't get over the beautiful Islands all over the place..Different shapes and sizes..
 Look at the water!
 This is our resort..
 Looking out from the resort..
 Boat ride to the Lagoons

Inside the big Lagoon
 Small Lagoon
We stayed in the little room on top....                      Our little monkey friend