Thursday, April 26, 2012

Today we had our driver Robert pick us up and take us to the Greenhills shopping center. My aunt was also able to come...The shopping here was awesome..I bought nike shoes for Logan and Cache for 5 bucks each...They also had cute knock off name brand bags like prada and chanel for 10-15. (I settled on only buying one). They had women's shoes galore--I bought some adorable flats for next to nothing...They also had many venders of pearls-nice quality pearls for awesome prices... I think Perry's favorite part was bargaining with all the vendors in tagolog..I loved shopping here-but hated the pressure of feeling like I had to buy everything...We spent 3-4 hours here-and I know I could have spent alot more time...(We shopped only 1 floor and Perry told me later there were 4 floors!!) We shopped through lunch and realized that it was already 2...We ate at a little restaurant by the mall. It was very good-nothing weird...After eating we drove to a little strip of souvenir shops...I didn't find much here besides a cute little jeepney car for Cash and some shells for Logan...This area was pretty poor and it stunk..Three cute little boys came up to us and put their hands out for money-instead of giving them money we kept giving them high fives..They thought it was hilarious..They were so cute...Anyway-after spending a little time here we had our driver take us back to the mission home where we enjoyed some chicken enchiladas for dinner..yum. Fun day....

In America we are obsessed with being tan and dark....In the philippines they want to be light skinned and there are advertisements everywhere for skin whitening creams etc. Kind of funny to me.. 
 Anyone need to use the bathroom??  Saw this male urinal right alongside of a main
 How do they ever get power with those lines??
 These are some of their modes of transportation..Side cars...
 Jeepneys...These are everywhere and they will cram them full of people...I wanted the experience of riding in one-but we ran out of time...They don't have air conditioning and are very cheap to ride in-so many people use them to get around as opposed to an expensive taxi...
 The next few pictures are of the poverty....The houses shown below are called squatters and they will build houses right on top of each other...They are everywhere...It is extremely sad to me that they actually live in those conditions..

 Here are the little boys that kept high fiving us...Aren't they cute??
 Lunch at the restaurant