Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Big Pink Whale

Logan has been saying so many silly things lately and I decided I need to start writing them down-so I don't forget. Here is our conversation from today.

Me: "Logan, are you a monkey?"
Logan: "Yeah, and you're a whale"
Me: "I'm a whale!?" "What kind of a whale?"
Logan: "A pink, big whale"
(Thanks for the confidence booster)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I love fall-it is such a fun time of year. Perfect temperature..beautiful Halloween decorations..apples with sweaters to wear..The list could go on and on. Anyway- we have had fun this year going to pumpkin patches and the witches at Gardner Village. I took some cute pictures and couldn't help but post them.
Sutherland Farms pumpkin patch
The kids (uh mostly just Logan) were excited to pick out their pumpkins. (I know Cache will be all over the place next year) I love this little playground full of corn.
Logan riding with Harley on the train.. She started crying during the middle of the ride-but Harley had her smiling by the end.
All the cousins.
Milking the cow
This was at a pumpkin patch in Orem.

Corn mazeWe literally got lost..We were the only ones there and no workers were around to ask where to get out. We were trying to push our strollers in the mud with crying children. Too funny
Love this one of Logan and Cache
Logan Cache and Hallie right before it started downpouring...

The witches at Gardner Village. This is a fun place-there are cute little shops and boutiques and the funniest, cutest witches all over the place.
Ha ha-try to get 4 kids smiling at the same time-doesn't work..At least they are all looking at me. This one is so cute with her big ol nose.
My favorite..I had to get a picture with the witch and all her frogs.
The kids had fun decorating their pumpkins. We bought these foam stickers and they loved putting them on. (plus it was super easy-)
I just have one question...What are YOU going to be for Halloween? I would like to dress up this year-if I can talk my husband into it-but he hates dressing up so I don't know if I will or not.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No More Diapers!!

Waaahooo! Logan has now been accident free (both day and night) for a week now. Yeaay! -I think its safe to say we won't be buying diapers anymore...
She loves her princess underwear which she is proudly showing off..

Now...if only I could get her to stop mooning everyone..LOL..hmmmm...

Is it too early to start training this guy??

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cache update

My little buddy is almost 10 months old already!!
Took him to his check up yesterday and these are his measurements.
height: 27 and 3/4th inches (25th percentile)
weight: 17 lb 5 oz (5th percentile)-I know... he's huge!!

He is turning into a little sweetie. I have been getting him on a strict schedule and it seems to be helping with his endless crying during the day.. He now sleeps through the night (-minus some rough nights here or there) He also takes two naps-yahoo! He is showing more and more personality every day and I love the cute sounds he makes. He loves to laugh-especially with his sister. (No one can get him laughing like she can-) Anyway-he is a sweet little guy..I think I will keep him.

Beg, beg, and beg some more

Do you notice anything different about this picture?? (hint), look at her ears...Yes, our little one has earrings. About two or three weeks ago we got them pierced. After asking us to get her earrings for the past couple months I finally caved and gave in to her and her dad. At first I had mixed emotions about getting them done because she is so young, and what if they get infected and yada yada yada. It has taken me a couple months to finally give in to her requests. (I'm not joking...every time I would put earrings in she would say "mom, I need earrings.") After her cousin Jaima got hers done she really wanted them.. I thought it was funny that a two year old knew exactly what she wanted. Finally one Saturday we bit the bullet and took her to Claire's. We told her it was going to hurt and asked if she still wanted to do it. "yes" she kept saying. We let her pick the studs and of course she chose the pink flowers. "I get pink flowers" she kept saying. She sat on the chair like a big girl and amazingly only cried for a minute. After we showed her a mirror she was ok. When we got home she kept singing a song to herself "I got my ears pierced, I got my ears pierced." She was all smiles all day. (Shocked me-I thought she was going to be a grouch). Since getting them pierced she has cried a little when it comes to cleaning them-but overall she has been very good about it. She is very proud of her earrings and loves showing them off. All I can say is she is one determined girl who knows what she wants. I am glad we got them done because I think they look cute-if I do say so myself...

I was trying to get a decent picture of her earrings and she kept hamming it up. These are some of the shots I got. I had to post them so I can remember her hamminess (is that a word) at this stage.

This face just plain scares me....

That tongue has got to be the size of Texas

This is her super cheese grin she has been doing all the time lately.

My Logan..the ham..the end...