Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I love fall-it is such a fun time of year. Perfect temperature..beautiful Halloween decorations..apples with sweaters to wear..The list could go on and on. Anyway- we have had fun this year going to pumpkin patches and the witches at Gardner Village. I took some cute pictures and couldn't help but post them.
Sutherland Farms pumpkin patch
The kids (uh mostly just Logan) were excited to pick out their pumpkins. (I know Cache will be all over the place next year) I love this little playground full of corn.
Logan riding with Harley on the train.. She started crying during the middle of the ride-but Harley had her smiling by the end.
All the cousins.
Milking the cow
This was at a pumpkin patch in Orem.

Corn mazeWe literally got lost..We were the only ones there and no workers were around to ask where to get out. We were trying to push our strollers in the mud with crying children. Too funny
Love this one of Logan and Cache
Logan Cache and Hallie right before it started downpouring...

The witches at Gardner Village. This is a fun place-there are cute little shops and boutiques and the funniest, cutest witches all over the place.
Ha ha-try to get 4 kids smiling at the same time-doesn't work..At least they are all looking at me. This one is so cute with her big ol nose.
My favorite..I had to get a picture with the witch and all her frogs.
The kids had fun decorating their pumpkins. We bought these foam stickers and they loved putting them on. (plus it was super easy-)
I just have one question...What are YOU going to be for Halloween? I would like to dress up this year-if I can talk my husband into it-but he hates dressing up so I don't know if I will or not.


Mindy said...

Woman! You are so gorgeous!! And, I am going to be Cleopatra for Halloween and I am pretty excited about it! :)

Macon Family said...

Looks like you guys are having some "fall" fun, love the holidays!

The Foxy Fam said...

Hey you beautiful girl!! It looks like you guys are drinking up this beautiful fall weather!! Where did you get those cute foam stickers for your pumpkins. . . those are so super cute!

Blake and Leslie said...

What a fun place!! I wish we had something like that around here. So are your kids excited for Halloween? For some reason I was thinking about your alien costume!! You should wear that!