Saturday, December 22, 2012

Elf on the Shelf

I know that everyone probably has elf on the shelf already-but we just started it this year and the kids love it. I decided it is a tradition we will definitely do every year. The kids love waking up and finding Holly, our elf, in a different place every morning. She has been found leaving special notes for the kids, toilet papering our Christmas tree, eating our tootsie rolls, driving Cache's fire engine. ect.. The kids think it is hilarious. Anyway, I will miss when Holly has to go back to the North Pole until next year. This year has been so much fun seeing Christmas through the eyes of the kids. It is fun seeing the anticipation and excitement on their faces as each day gets closer to Christmas.. They love the lights, decorating, music, movies, books, candies, carmels and the buying gifts for each other. They really "get it" this year and love everything about it.. Did I mention they want every toy they see too? (I made the mistake of giving Logan a target magazine and said circle toys that would be fun for Christmas.. She circled basically every toy in the whole thing) I told her Santa would only bring her two or three at most so she better narrow it down. lol
This is where they found Holly this morning. They wrote letters to Santa yesterday and she brought them back a letter from the North Pole. (They were super excited to find that so far they were on the "nice" list)


Mikael Squire said...

This is so cute and I am dying at thinking of Logan circling everything in the magazine! Too Funny

Chanel said...

I have loved hearing everyone's elf on the shelf stories this year. W started something new this year and put a mini stocking on each of the kids doors, and the elf brought them a little surprise each night in it up until Christmas. My kids kept talking about how much they loved the elf!!!! So many fun things about Christmas :)