Monday, September 26, 2011


We just got back from our trip to Roatan, Honduras....So fun and I am ready to go back already.. Roatan was one of the stops on our cruises 6 years ago and we loved it so much that we promised we would go back and go scuba diving...Six years later we finally made it happen. Pictures tell it much better than words so here are some pictures...

This is a picture of the bungalow we stayed in... Some of the homes were huge! Although most were very small and poor...

This is our deck of the bungalow we stayed in...It overlooks the water and it was nice just chillin in the hammock. Most of our time was spent scuba diving.... It has been 3 years since we have been and I was nervous-but after the first time I relaxed and enjoyed it. Our dive master was great and the other 3 couples we went with were awesome. We logged 16 dives total, including 2 night dives. The night dives were cool too! Its crazy how the fishes neon colors glow in the dark, also the red eyes of the crabs, lobsters ect. We saw lots of sea turtles (my favorite), octopus, eels, sand ray, barracuda fish, puffer fish, sea horse, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, and even a nurse shark. We also did two ship wrecks which were neat to see. Every dive was a little different and unique. I thought I would get sick of doing 3 dives a day, but I actually wished we could do more at the end.

The worst thing about this place was the bugs. I made the mistake of not putting bug spray on the first night and got eaten alive. I ended up getting a rash from them and couldn't sleep due to all the itching so the next day I went to the dr. on the resort who gave me some pretnezone? and a topical cream, which really helped. Lesson learned:wear bug spray 24/7-and apply hourly. On Monday after our first dive they took us over to Maya Key for lunch. They also had a beach and fun little animals to see. I love the color of these birds.Perry petting a baby croc.

This jaguar kept getting really close to the fence giving us the evil eye. I was glad he was caged in.

Chillin on a bench at Maya Key

We were able to hold this little guy...

I wanted to take him home...

The next night we ate dinner on the key and they had fire dancers.

Also a limbo contest.. Honduran singers/dancers

When we weren't diving, we spent alot of our time at the pool.

We also went horseback riding on the beach. Our guide reminded us of a Hoduran Ray Ramano.

On Friday we went snorkeling with these guys...

They did cool tricks like this..

This dolfin's name was Anthony and he was a little ham. I love that it looks like he is smiling in this pic.

On Friday we also went to Sandy Bay beach, the same beach we went to 6 years ago. Six years ago the beach was mostly deserted but now quite a few hotels and condos have come in. It's still pretty relaxed though.

Look at the white sand and beautiful water! I sat in the shallow part for quite a while and these little white fish kept coming up to me. When I would move they would move. They probably entertained me for an hour or so. They were so funny to watch.

One of the biggest highlights for me was riding on this sea plane around the island. It was so pretty and neat to see everything from above. This is looking down at Anthony's key where we stayed.

Black Pearl Golf Course

Coming in to land...

A little dolfin video

Short video of our plane landing...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Growing up

These kids are growing up way too fast on me!!! I feel like they look so grown up in these pictures and it kind of freaks me out. Anyway here is a little update on each of us....(mostly for me to remember-but feel free to read if you want)

Logan: She just started dance again and loves it especially since her cousin Miquelin is in her class. She also started a little mommy preschool that I am doing with some of the neighbors. She loves learning.. She would be content to sit with a workbook in front of her all day... She especially likes to color and paint...She is so sweet and is my big helper...She is a pretty low key kid and finds ways to entertain herself (she loves talking to her dolls and playing pretend) She has also turned more social and likes to be around other kids too- I think her shyness is starting to wear off. (fingers crossed)

Cache: He keeps me on my toes-but is the sweetest little guy.. He started nursery a couple months ago and has finally gone 2-3 weeks without them having to bring him to us for crying. woohoo!! He is starting to talk so much and I love that he can express himself...Lately his two favorite sayings are "want newt nacks (fruit snacks) and "Mom watch this" His obsession lately is toy cars-especially Mater-he also likes to point out real cars too. He is also in love with brings me his shoes first thing in the morning and says "put shoes on peese." (please) He had a fit at the store when I tried some shoes on him and he didn't want to take them off for me to buy them...He is "all boy"(-except for the shoe thing) The other day I had to get after him for throwing rocks at our window in the backyard. (Seriously?? he is only 21 months) He also loves to wrestle and play/tease his sister. He has had his share of fits lately-and hates shopping..(bummer for me) I am still trying to learn how to discipline him-but that will come with time I am sure. Although he has his moments- he has such a cute little personality and melts my heart.

Perry-What can I say...He stays busy working-usually not getting home before 7 or so lately. (makes it a little difficult for me and having dinner ready etc-but I am dealing with it) When he is home he loves spending time with the kids-and it is so cute to see them get excited when he comes through the door. I know they love their father and he loves them sooo much too....He is a great father and husband and helps me out sooo much...

Me-I've been pretty busy training for St. George marathon coming up...I am really excited for it-but I look forward to taking a break and sleeping in after its over. (Early morning workouts can be hard sometimes-especially today when I came in looking like a wet rat from runing in the pouring rain!) I love having it done early in the day though and it gives me the boost of energy I need! I've been trying to get the last bit of summer fun in by taking the kids to the park and swimming in the backyard...This past week it has gotten so cold though!!! I am definitely not ready for winter yet! Anyway-I am enjoying being a mom-it definitely teaches me patience and I am learning so much from these kiddos.