Friday, July 23, 2010


Perry took his first two days off for the year and we went camping. (shocker I know) Anyway-we pulled the trailer to South Fork, Co and stayed at this cute place called Fun Valley. Perry heard it was a fun place to go-so we thought we'd try it out. When we first got there the place was packed with trailers-but we ended up finding a nice spot right by the river and pond. It was unlike any other campground I had been to because they had a full kitchen-meaning you could buy dinner at their cafeteria for cheap prices and they had lots of things to do like mini golf, paddle boats, tubing down the river, fishing and renting bikes. ect They also had cute ponds all over with ducks and fish.
I loved this little green patch of land that jutted out into the middle of the pond.

paddle boats we played mini golf-but Logan was more interested in climbing in and on everything than golfing.

On Saturday we drove to this little old mining town called Creede. It was a cute place where we ate lunch. Perry and I did not have a very good lunch because Logan kicked her legs into the table and fell over in her chair and screamed. Of course everyon in the restaurant stopped what they were doing and stared. I felt like saying "Who's crazy kid is that?" The manager was nice and gave her a free icecream cone. Cache didn't help the matter as he was crabby all of lunch too. After lunch we walked around and looked at the little shops and we were hoping to make it to the mining museum-but it closed for tours at 3 and it was 3:15. So instead- we drove the bachelor loop-(probably more of a jeep trail-but we made it work with the truck-I think I only held my breath a couple of times on the switchbacks.
This is on the "bachelor loop" trail-so dang pretty It was neat to see all kinds of old mines like the one in this picture.
I can't imagine living in a jail cell this small.
We also stopped at the little town of South Fork where it was their Logger Days-so they had little booths to look at and Logan rode this little pony.
Had to post this one of Cache chillin in the back pack. Doesn't he look cute?
Outside of the mining museum they had these little chipmunks that we could buy food for out of the quarter machine. There were tons of them and they would come eat right out of your hand. Sooo cute!! I was a little freaked out to let them eat out of my hand-but I finally did.
Back at camp they had a guaranteed catch pond where they stock the pond with all kinds of trout. Within a half hour we had two fish and one happy girl-(this is my kind of fishing) Logan kept calling the fishing pole her "poling fish." It was cracking me up.
Yuck-dead fish always look so gross to me. Logan kept asking if we could eat them for dinner-but we gave them away to our neighbors, and that was just fine with me...
On our way home we stopped and did a short quarter mile hike to a waterfall. It was the perfect length with two kids.
Why can't mini vacations last longer??

Friday, July 9, 2010


Wanted to blog about girls week before I forget. Every summer all the sisters and sisters-in-law on Perry's side meet up for a little trip. This year we all went to a cabin just outside of Durango, Co for a couple days. It was so beautiful and fun to be together. We had fun playing games, talking, laughing and hanging out. My sister-in-law Chelsey also taught us how to make cute bows like the ones on her site (check it out). It was especially fun to watch the kiddos have fun with their cousins that they don't get to see very much. Here are some pics.
View from the deck of our cabin.

We all enjoyed the hot tub
Best shot of all the kids
This is my attempt to get a picture of these cuties in their matching dresses---but they were a little more interested in food.
2nd attempt (Mique is wondering where her skittles went?)
Had to post this one of the boys because it is so funny. We were all trying so hard to get a good picture and as you can see.. it wasn't working out very well.
Logan being a cheesy ham as usual. Cache wondering what the heck is going on.
Tried this bungee thing out.. It was soo dang fun
Took Logan to do a little bit of mini golfing.
Love this one of Logan and Mique.
It was fun to watch them laugh and get along so well.Eva too!
Here they are trying on glasses.
On our way home we stopped at a cute little ranch and fed the goats.