Monday, June 21, 2010


I decided my little guy is growing waaaay tooo fast!!! Here are a couple things for me to remember about him at this age.
-Weighs in at a whopping 15 lbs 6 oz. and 25 and 1/2 inches tall (around 25th percentile)..I know..he's huge.
-Wakes up about once (occasionally twice) a night to eat-which is major progress
-Has the cutest giggle ever-I love to tickle him so I can hear it.
-Smiles alot
-Just started sitting one week ago.
-Loves to be held and entertained.
-Likes to watch t.v. (uh oh am I a bad mom?)
-Hate to say it but he is a little bipolar-either super happy-or super grouchy!
-Loves to make noises in the morning.
-I love the smiles and squeals he gives me in the morning when I go to get him out of his pack and play.
-Still spits up-but not nearly as bad as a couple months ago (I think his acid reflux medicine is helping him)
-Started him on baby food/rice cereal. He is not a big fan. I think more ends up on his face and bib than in his mouth



Perry had to go to dealer school in DC for a week so I took advantage once again and went to Utah. We had a good time. It was Springville's art city days so we took Logan, Hallie and Cache to a kids fest. Little missy loved getting her face painted. She also had fun coloring a cute kite.

She was all smiles acting like a "big girl" going to all the booths.

Later that week I went to Seven Peaks with my mom and sisters. It has been FOREVER since I have been to that place. It was a little bit cold but we had fun hanging out in the shallow part of the wave pool and the lilly pad pool. I think Cache liked swimming the most. He was all smiles all day. The little ones did well-and we didn't have any melt downs. Yeaaay!

Chilin in the wave pool. This was my favorite pool when I was a kid. I remember running to the pool like a bat out of you know where when we heard the bell that started the waves. Oh how I miss those days sometimes.
Logan was having fun shakin her booty to the music.
Later that week Perry was able to fly from DC into Salt Lake on Friday and come watch me run the Provo rivertrail ten miler race. I ended up being the first girl overall and ran about a 6:40 pace, which was faster than I expected to run-so I was glad for that. That night we went to my Aunt Kari's for dinner and watched the fireworks in Springville. Logan really liked them. It was fun to watch her reaction to them, and Cache was transfixed on them the whole time.
I am definitely enjoying summer so far and hope you are too!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Happy Anniversary Per! I LOVE YOU!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


For Memorial Day weekend we went up to Mancos and stayed Saturday and Sunday. Some of Perry's family was able to come-which was so fun. It was gorgeous weather for once and we all had fun riding 4 wheelers, stuffing our faces and chatting it up. We may have gotten a little dusty too. (ok....dusty is an understatement) Here are some pics
just hangin out I love this guy.. He was such a good baby while we were camping. Happy baby=happy mama

These three had so much fun playing together. They were having too much fun with these sticks.
Mammy bought cute little chairs for them to sit in. They were in heaven-that is until one of them sat in the other one's chair. Need I say they are a little posessive at these ages.

All the kids were loving the 4-wheelers.
Love their expressions in this one.
Just hangin out in the trailer.
There were all these beautiful fields of dandylions. Logan kept picking them and giving them to me.
Noah and Logan..

Look how pretty it is.
Until next time....The end