Tuesday, November 10, 2009


22 MONTHS-Little update on Logan ( I decided that since I don't keep a journal I am going to post things about Logan's personality and development so I don't forget them) *This post is mostly for me but feel free to read and look at pics if you want."Um Logan- I don't think that is supposed to be worn as a hat.." (Don't worry it was clean!) I bought her a potty chair a while ago and she really likes sitting on it but the other day I walked in the bathroom and this is what I found. I decided as far as potty training I am not going to push her with it. She just went potty in it for the first time two days ago though. She got off the potty and got this confused look on her face and said "what happened?" It made me laugh. I gave her a fruit snack and kept calling her a "big girl." She was so proud. Anyway we will see how it goes. I don't really know what I am doing so any tips would be appreciated.

She has turned into mom's little helper. When I tell her I need a diaper and wipes-she will go to the drawer and get it. When I ask her to "clean up"-she will put whatever it is she is playing with away and chant "clean up, clean up" to herself. She also pulls the silverware out of the dishwasher for me to put away. In this picture she saw me sweeping and after I was done she picked up the broom and tried.. I love it and hope she continues to help me when her little brother comes because I will definitely need it.

She loves mimicking everything Perry and I do. Some of her favorite things to mimick are brushing her teeth, putting on makeup, brushing her hair, putting on shoes. My all time favorite is when she pretends to talk on the phone. She pretends everything is a phone including remotes, cool whip containers, dominos etc. She loves to pretend to call grandma "gama" and daddy, but she has called most all of her relatives lately. A conversation with her would go something like this "hi, love you, how are you, bye bye."

She has really turned into quite a talker/chatterbox. It amazes me how much she learns everyday. She is now trying to put short sentences together. The other day I gave her an olive or something and she spit it out and said "I don't like it.." It totally cracked me up. One of her favorite phrases lately is "What is that?" Sounds more like "what is at?" Just recently I took down the Halloween decorations and put up the Thanksgiving ones. When I woke her up in the morning she pointed to where the scarecrows were and said "where the scarecrows go?" Then she started pointing to the new decorations asking "what is that?" Whenever she wants held she says "hold you mommy" which melts my heart. She also says "I want it" one of my least favorite phrases. She also loves to repeat the last word of everything Perry or I say. The other day Perry told the dog to shut up-so Logan starts walking around the house yelling "shut up." Being a parent you realize what you can and cannot say pretty quickly. Lately in the morning before she wants out of her crib she will lay there and talk nonstop to herself. She will go through saying the items in her room like "doll, frog, blankie, bear, etc. she also tries singing some of the songs we've been working on like popcorn popping, snowman song, itsy bitsy spider etc. Of course she can't sing the whole song but she will sing/say some words to it. I like to listen to her over the baby monitor-cracks me up. It amazes me the things she comes up with and new things she says and learns everyday. She is definitely a curious girl and loves to learn..

This girl loves music and loves to dance. When a song comes on she usually shakes her head or hips to the music. She loves to say "booty shakin" and gets up and shakes her little hips.

Her favorites at this time include signing time videos, cookies, her shoes, hats-she loves them, dolls, being with daddy. Every time he comes home from work she gets excited and runs to give him a hug. She always asks "where is daddy?" It is cute to see her love him so much and him in return. I think she definitely has him wrapped around her finger.

Until next time these are Logan's latest.


Annie. said...

She is such a beautiful little girl, Christi. I loved reading about all her cute new tricks. And all the little outfits you have her dressed in are so adorable! Where do you find them?

Holly said...

Beautiful little gal!

The Foxy Fam said...

I love, love, love how you post all the cute stories and memories you have with Logan! She is such a doll face and ALWAYS looks cute from head to toe! She truly is a beautiful little girl! I love how she names all the thing in her room when she wakes up in the morning! They love to learn and do it SO fast!!

Mikael Squire said...

Oh I can't wait to see her! She is growing up too fast! We will have to do some booty shakin together

Tara said...

As Carter and I are looking at the pictures, Carter keeps saying, I love her, she's cute mom! Maybe there is hope to be related afterall!