Thursday, August 27, 2009


I went to Utah last week to have a get-together with all of my high school friends and visit my fam. It was fun to see my friends as we haven't all been together in...years?? With most everyone living in other states it makes it hard. Anyway-it was good catching up. I love these chicas. Thanks to everyone for making the trip. Below are pics of my friends and kids and things we did in Utah.

All the kiddos...Little Tyler wasn't too happy about cheesing for the camera.


As much fun as Logan had feeding the ducks.... She had more fun feeding herself....(stale bread-yum!)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


We went boating at Utah Lake. First time I've been boating this year. The water was smooth as could be and I wanted to wake board or ski-but being pregnant I settled for a slow tube ride. Amazing-Logan let me put her life jacket on and kept it on the whole time without making a peep.

Grandma and Logan
"Grandpa-move over let me drive this thing."


My sister Sherri and husband Matt were camping/hunting up by Strawberry Lake. We took Saturday afternoon and had tin foil dinners (yum) with them. I wanted to ride the horse-but being preggers decided against it. She did want to pose with us for the picture though.


My mom, sister and I went to Hogle Zoo. I can't even remember when the last time was I went to this zoo. Anyway Logan loved it-especially the monkeys. She would get so excited when she would see the animals-I love the fact she can talk and interact so much more now-so fun..

She was not very excited about mom putting her in an egg for a picture.
My Little Jacko-lantern posing by the adorable newborn baby giraffe (cutest little giraffe ever)

Sunday, August 23, 2009


This is a random post-but I wanted to post it for my own records/journaling. This picture was taken about 3 months ago. It is a five generation picture of my great Grandma Klea Curtis, Grandfather Phil Curtis, mom Tammy Howell, sister Lauri, Hallie, Logan and me.

Monday, August 10, 2009



It has been fun to have a garden this year. Our garden has actually done pretty well-thanks to Perry. We now have so many squash, cucumbers and zuchini we don't know what to do with all of it. I definitely look forward to growing another garden next year and planting alot more corn. It has tasted soo good!!


Logan has loved the garden this year too. She loves to go outside and the first thing she walks to is the garden. Once she gets to the garden the broken record starts of "peas,peas, peas, peas..." What can I say... the kid loves peas. She also loves tomatoes and strawberries-but Sport has gotten to alot of our strawberries. "Shame on you Sport."

Yum. Enjoying a cherry tomato



Now this fearless gal thinks she is so big that she doesn't need a float tube anymore and walks all over in baby pool. Fun for Logan....Not so fun for mom because I have to follow her everywhere she goes in case she falls. No more tanning in the sun while she sleeps in her car seat like last year. Oh well... It's fun to watch her get a kick out of being in the water-she loves it.

Monday, August 3, 2009

IT'S A..........

We just got back from our ultrasound and found out it's a boy. He looks healthy and all is going well so far. We are excited. I am a little nervous to have a boy because I am used to little miss Logan-but that's okay- I am sure boy's are fun too. It looks like we will have to buy all new boy stuff now. I think Perry is excited to have a little munchkin like himself running around. Anyway-we will cross our fingers everything goes well with this pregnancy and delivery. (So good so far=yeay!!)