Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Last week I went with my sister's in law and mother in law to Tacoma, Washington. We stayed at my other sister in law's house. Her husband Andrew just got deployed to Kuwait for a couple months so we went there to keep her company for a week while he is gone. It was alot of fun.

I will sum up our trip in one long paragraph. We had great laughs, great kids-for the most part, great food-(I think I gained 10 lbs from the chips, icecream, cakes), great entertainment, long nights staying up talking, laughing our guts out dancing to the Carmen Electra workout videos, hot humid weather, beautiful scenery, gorgeous pines, made cute necklaces, many trips to Walmart forgetting food, unforgettable time with everyone.

Thanks ladies for the great time. Thanks for being such a good host and letting us crash your house Steph. Thanks to Cindy too, and our husbands who allowed us to leave for a week.

I am the picture queen-so of course I posted lots of pictures.


We went to this Northwest trek place. It was kind of like a zoo. We went on a train and got to see animals up close. Some of the ones we got to see were elk, rams, buffalos, deer, etc. It was fun. Logan kept saying "aminal, aminal!" everytime we saw an animal. You can see the rams in the background of this picture. Yikes!! Glad we were inside a train-wouldn't want to come face to face with one of these beasts.

We rented these cute carts for the little ones to ride in. Logan stayed in hers for about 5 minutes. Little miss independent wanted to walk instead of ride... stinker..

Love this picture of the cousins.


We went to a water/amusement park. It was fun. We stayed at the kiddie pool for .5 seconds as it was extremely crowded and the water was freezing. As you can see Logan and Eva still enjoyed it. We had a great time spending the rest of the day taking the little ones on rides. It was fun to see the excitement through kids eyes. I loved watching Logan on the rides. She thought she was soo big and loved riding with her cousins. She is growing up way to fast for me. "IS IT MY TURN YET?" Love this picture of the kids patiently wating for the boat ride.

They loved it. Logan had to clap every time they came by me. As you can see Jaima and Eva were very enthralled with driving.

Logan and Eva chillin in their sweet yellow car.


ALL THE KIDDOS (yep all 12 of them)

WHATS FOR DINNER???? (looks tasty right? Pike's market was full of fish) Too bad I'm not much of a fish eater. The flowers were amazing. Cheap too-only 5,10 or 15 bucks for a whole bouquet. I would be buying myself flowers everyday if I lived there. They had awesome berries too.

All the girls-minus Cindy. For some reason I don't have one with her in it too. LOL-Maybe it is because a bird doo-dooed on her right before this picture. (poor Cindy-so sorry)

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Aaaaargh!! My baby is growing up way too fast!! Where does the time go? She is at such a fun stage of life right now. I wanted to write some things for me to remember her growth and development at this age.

LITTLE MISS JUNKFOOD She loves food (I wonder why?) She especially loves snack foods. Her favorites are cookies, goldfish, fruit snacks, sugarsnap peas, chips, noodles, bread, the list goes on and on. I am surprised by how much she can put down for a tiny little girl.

LITTLE MISS WATER BUGShe can't get enough of the water. Whether it is drinking it, playing in it or swimming in it-she loves it. She is not afraid of it in the slightest. She threw the biggest fit the last time we went to the pool and it was time to go home.

LITTLE MISS LOVE TO SHARE She loves to share, even if it means eating a goldfish and pulling it out to give it to you. yummmy! This picture cracks me up of her sharing her drink with cousin "Mikey" as Logan calls her.

LITTLE MISS INDEPENDENT She loves to think she is a "big girl" especially when she is with her cousins. She is fearless. One thing that drives me nuts about her independence is that when we are in a store or walking she will turn around and walk the exact opposite way of me. She is not afraid of most anything and this worries me a little.

LITTLE MISS TEMPER TANTRUM"Waaaah, Waaaaah, Waaaaah" One of my least favorite things about this age is sometimes when she doesn't get what she wants she throws a fit. In this picture she was mad because I would not get her a cookie from the pantry. I know- I am such a mean mom.

This picture shows Logan's personality and she is definitely full of personality. She cracks me up everyday. She loves life and gets a kick out of the littlest things. She loves to "scare" people. She clenches her fists and shakes her whole body and gets this crazy scary look on her face when she does it. It is hilarious. She also loves to wink at people as she is kind of doing in this picture. She is definitely a little ham.

Logan loves to learn. She repeats most words I say now. Some of her favorite things to say are cookie, (of course) feesh (her way of saying gold fish), Harley (her favorite cousin right now) water, milk, please (or peease as she says) mamma, daddy, doggie, bink, blankie, "here you go" (then she repeatedly hands you different things) hi/hello. She is a broken record when she says things lately and repeats the same word 500 times. She also has been doing pretty good with signing lately. She has been watching "signing times" videos and the other day she signed baby and dog (signs that we have never worked on with her) It is amazing what they learn and pick up in such a short time.

Her favorite things are her binkie (very attached-not looking forward to getting rid of that-any ideas?) knitted blankies, being outside, stuffed frogs, books, bugs, her cousins, sport (our dog) remote controls, phones.

I am really greatful for Logan. She keeps me on my toes sometimes, but she is alot of fun. I love this stage and look forward to the other stages of life she will go through. Thanks for being you little miss Logan.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The news is......Logan is going to be a big sister! It is true... I am expecting a little munchkin in December. We are excited. We just told both our families on the 4th of July and I thought I better make a post. We find out in 2 weeks and six days what we are having. (can you tell I am counting down?) I am thinking boy, but wouldn't be surprised if it was a girl. Any guesses out there as to what it is??

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We had a fun 4th of July this year. My sister's baby was getting blessed and also Perry's brother's son, Eli was getting blessed so we got to spend the 4th in Utah. Perry even got to come this time..yeah!! Anyway-I love pictures so I had to take a million and post some of them.

To celebrate the 4th we had a picnic with my side of the family at Canyon View park. Logan was digging these bright red glasses. Cousin Hallie and Logan

Love this picture of Logan and Perry.
After we went to the park-we went to Perry's brother Talon's house. The cousins were all enjoying their popsicles. I think my daughter was enjoying hers a little too much.
Yes...That would be my daughter wearing the popsicle on her dress... Lovely...
We went to the park by his house and played bochee ball (spelling??) We were also being entertained by these 2 guys flying small electronic airplanes. We thought we would be able to watch the fireworks from his house-but it was too far away so we didn't see them. oh well.. We had fun anyway. It was also fun to be able to see little Eli...He is sooo cute! More random pictures.
My parents next door neighbor had this cute pool she said Logan could swim in. She loved it..
My mom found these outfits in Hawaii when she went. Amazingly they both fit them.
I love the look on Hallie's face.. She has got to be thinking "Who is this crazy maniac sitting by me???" Is it just me or is Logan's mouth extremely large in this picture??


Not too long ago we went camping at Mancos, Colorado with some friends. Of course it rained on us some-(no surprise there)-but it was still really fun. Below are some pictures to remember the trip by. All ready to go!!

We did take Logan on some short trail rides-but as soon as we would start she would crash out.

Since she was crashed out we decided to let her take a nap in the grass while we went riding some more....j/k... What kind of a parent do you think I am? She did enjoy a nap while we had lunch though.

There were all these beautiful fields of dandylions all over so I had to get a picture of Logan in pretty.
There was this little stream right by where we were camping and Ron and Mel's kids loved stomping their boots in it. It's only mud and water right?? They had a blast.
Logan looks a little bit like a deer caught in the headlights.
mmmm. Smells good!!