Thursday, May 28, 2009


Perry brought our trailer and we went camping with my family up Spanish Fork Canyon. (Sheep Creek) It was alot of fun-but very rainy. What is camping without rain? (It has rained on Perry and I every time we go camping-so we just expect it.) Needless to say we watched alot of movies and played games inside while it was raining. I am the Uno champion. My brother in law Trevor brought up his and his family's horses and we went horseback riding or 4-wheeling when it was nice outside. It was alot of fun. I think we all just had a good time being together.
Trevor, Matt, Perry, me, Damon, Bret
Trevor took us to the top of this little mountain. You can see our camp site area in the background by the aspens. It was soo pretty!

Logan even liked the horses.
We went on this trail that was basically like driving up a small river the whole time. It was major muddy- but alot of fun.
Here are a couple pictures of Logan and new cousin Hallie. I forgot how small newborns are! Logan looks like a giant compared to her! Hallie is such a sweet little baby-soo cute! Logan loved her. She kept pointing at her saying "baby, baby" I had to make sure she didn't get too close because she kept trying to give her love pats. (they were just a little too hard)

Future Piano player?? This girl is an animal lover. I walked in the room and she had climbed up on the chair and was smothering and kissing the poor thing. At least the cat was a pretty good sport about it.
And that is my trip to Utah.