Monday, November 3, 2008


Okay so I got tagged by Brittani to list 6 random facts about me so here it goes.

1- I am more of a night owl than a morning person. I usually stay up late and sleep in late. Lately Perry has been wanting to go to bed at 10, which is way to early for me. At night I usually like to read or watch tv before bed time, it helps me relax.

2- I love to make hot chocolate (especially the mint kind) and dip buttered toast in it. Perry does not understand why I like this-but it is scrumptious. The trick is to save some of your mix and pour it in the cup right before you dip the bread in it that way you get the chocolaty goodness. You should try it.

3- I don't like to be bored, or stay at home very much, and often times you will find me running, or going to Target, Walmart or the mall just for fun. I have had soo much time on my hands since Logan was born. I had a job before she was born that kept me somewhat busy, but now that I am a stay at home mom I find myself looking for things to do. I guess I better enjoy it because I am sure things will change once we have more kids. I do enjoy having the privelege to stay at home with Logan- she is such a joy and keeps me entertained.

4-I love running (shocker- I know) I love it because it gives me a sense of freedom. It lets me leave all my cares and stress behind, and it makes me feel energized and happy most of the time. I also love competing. That is definitely a big reason I miss college. Now that I am almost 5 years out of college I try to find races to run and stay in shape for.

5- My two favorite treats are icecream (another shocker) and lately I have been on this kick with chips and salsa. Perry's work had a salsa contest and Perry brought some home. Let me tell you New Mexico is known for using green chiles in everything, (even on hamburgers.) All of the mexican food here is super spicy and hot. Anyway the salsa he brought home was soo hot, but I can not stop eating it-even though it makes my eyebrows sweat! I am turning into a crazy New Mexican!!!

6- Since Logan has been born I have been obsessed with baby headbands. I think they are soo cute. I have a whole big bin of them in most every color you can think of. Every time I go to Utah I cannot stop buying them, ask my mom. Maybe this obsession will stop- but I don't think so.


Brittani said...

Love it, love it, love it! You will just have to have another girl to get total use out of those headbands. We need to meet to occupy some of that time and catch up on ANTM!

Annie. said...

I'm SO glad I have a partner in crime who also loves hot chocolate and buttered toast! I thought that was just a thing in my family. We should eat this together when we're home for Thanksgiving in a week. :) YUM! Oh and I agree, I love the mint cocoa.