Thursday, November 8, 2012


We took our annual Leaf pictures a couple days ago... (There were hardly any leaves in our yard, but we made do with what we had) This is a little photo session I look forward to doing with my kids each year. It's fun for me to look back and see how much they have changed, and who do doesn't love pictures in the leaves? (They actually kind of cooperated for once and i think I got some decent shots.)(I think their favorites were making silly faces)
Last year..

This year..

He is definitely looking like a little man now.. Makes me kind of sad he is getting so big..  

 I love these ones of their silly faces.. They really are goons..

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Halloween was fun this year... (Minus Cache's many meltdowns before we left for the ward trunk-or-treat) He didn't want to put on his costume, he didn't want to wash his face or comb his hair.. (ignore the fact he looks like a homeless hamburger) I was not a happy mama... Anyway-we finally made it and he relaxed and had fun once he realized he actually was going to get candy... We ate some stew/chili, played some games and went trunk or treating... Cache was "happy as a lark" now... They both loved it and weren't afraid to go right up and say "trick or treat." I have been limiting their candy to a couple pieces a day.  Cache would have eaten every piece of chocolate in one sitting if I let him... (He is a chocoholic) Logan loves laffy taffys and airheads.. Anyway, we went and visited Nanny and Papa and called it a night... When we went home Logan and Cache loved answering the door for the trick or treaters-they thought it was so fun... I love that they are getting older and really enjoying and understanding the "holidays." Here are some pics
Logan, cousin Eva and Cache 
 Happy now..
 Some of the cousins..