Thursday, May 28, 2009


My brother Bret got his call to serve in the Seattle Washington mission. He went into the MTC yesterday. I am glad I got to be there for his farewell. He did a good job. I am proud of him and his decision to serve and even though it will be challenging I know he will be blessed and will be a good missionary. It is definitely strange thinking that I won't see him for two years and Logan will be almost 3 and a half when he comes home! He is always so cute and playful with Logan when he sees her I had to post these pictures of them.


Perry brought our trailer and we went camping with my family up Spanish Fork Canyon. (Sheep Creek) It was alot of fun-but very rainy. What is camping without rain? (It has rained on Perry and I every time we go camping-so we just expect it.) Needless to say we watched alot of movies and played games inside while it was raining. I am the Uno champion. My brother in law Trevor brought up his and his family's horses and we went horseback riding or 4-wheeling when it was nice outside. It was alot of fun. I think we all just had a good time being together.
Trevor, Matt, Perry, me, Damon, Bret
Trevor took us to the top of this little mountain. You can see our camp site area in the background by the aspens. It was soo pretty!

Logan even liked the horses.
We went on this trail that was basically like driving up a small river the whole time. It was major muddy- but alot of fun.
Here are a couple pictures of Logan and new cousin Hallie. I forgot how small newborns are! Logan looks like a giant compared to her! Hallie is such a sweet little baby-soo cute! Logan loved her. She kept pointing at her saying "baby, baby" I had to make sure she didn't get too close because she kept trying to give her love pats. (they were just a little too hard)

Future Piano player?? This girl is an animal lover. I walked in the room and she had climbed up on the chair and was smothering and kissing the poor thing. At least the cat was a pretty good sport about it.
And that is my trip to Utah.

Monday, May 11, 2009


I hope you all had a good Mother's day. I know that I did. I love being a mom. These are some of the things I have learned so far in my short time being a mom.

1-I have alot more respect for my mom and the way she raised us kids. I used to take my mom for granted when I was younger. How she managed to cook dinner every night, help us with homework, be our taxi driver, go to all of our activities, entertain us and keep a clean house all with a smile on her face (most of the time) I will never know. I say most of the time because she was never very happy when I had to call her to bring my homework I forgot at school. (my fault though-haha) She has always been a perfectionist and seemed to "have it all together" and I hope that I can be a good mother and show as much love to them as she has shown to me.

2- I have learned that Logan definitely learns by example. She is always trying to copy the things I do. For example she sees me brushing my hair-so she picks up the same brush and tries to brush her hair. Same with the toothbrush ect. The other day I said "Oh crap" and she said "crap" right back to me. (not that crap is that bad of a word-but it made me realize that even as young as she is she learns by the things that I do) It made me realize that I need to watch what I do and say because she is watching and learning from me.

3- I have learned it is okay to not wear makeup and "get ready" every single day. A couple of years ago I would never have gone a day without wearing makeup. Now I realize that there are other things that matter and take priorety too.

4- Having somewhat of a schedule for Logan really has worked. I am not super strict to her schedule all of the time-but I've found keeping her on a schedule as far as sleeping, naps, food time helps her to stay happy.

4-It is important I take "time out" to spend time and play with my children. As I have been typing this post Logan has been nagging at me to get my attention. I just barely took a couple minutes and held her and she gave me the best cuddles. She obviously just wanted my attention and love and it is important that I remember to take a "time out" when life gets busy and give her the attention and love she needs.

5-Being a mother so far is both a sacrifice and rewarding at the same time. Sometimes I feel cut off from the world and all I do is cook, clean, wash clothes, change diapers, make bottles etc and get no acknowlegment for it. It is impossible alot of the time to pick up and go places like we used to and sometimes I just want to scream back at her when she is screaming and throwing a fit for a reason that I do not know. At the same time it is so worth it when she smiles and gives me a big hug and I can feel how much she loves me. It is also amazing seeing her grow and progress as a little person. The milestones have been so much fun to watch. It was awsome the first time she said mama, and the first time she crawled, and I love seeing her express her cute personality more and more. It makes me excited to see and be a part of the person she will become.


This little munchkin loves to make messes. I turn my head for one minute and she's made a new mess somewhere. She found my roll mix that was in zip lock bags and opened it. When I found her she was having a hay day eating and playing in it. My first reaction was to be mad-but then I just started laughing and grabbed my camera for a picture. How can you be mad at a face like that? Enjoying some tasty chips. My fault for leaving them out on top of the storage basket I guess.

When she isn't making a mess she seems to always finds her way to the inside of Sports cage. She loves to tease him. I'm not so sure Sport loves it though.